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About Royal Brown Girls


Ngozi, Aisha, Dhalia, Brooklyn and Nina are the Royal Brown Girls.  They're cousins who are full of life, enjoy family time, and have very vivid imaginations!  This series feature's each girl as the main character of her own book beginning with Ngozi's Little Brown Princess Tea Party.

In this book, Ngozi and her cousins have a very special tea party. On this special day, they drink special island tea and put on their prettiest princess attire. Oh, and the girls get a lovely surprise. glitter!

The girls share stories of why they love the skin they're in, and are little brown princesses, while crowns of glitter dance in their beautiful naturally kinky, curly hair.

This story of self-love is the 1st of the Royal Brown Girl Book Series. Royal Brown Girl books touch on African-American/Caribbean culture, nutrition, family, and self-esteem through imaginative play and storytelling. Throughout this series, the girls will discover their Black Girl Magic! This series of books has been written for children ages 3-8.